The World of Web Development

Since our little programmers already have experience with two block based coding languages, it's time to smoothly get into the world of actual programming by making a comparison with what they know. During the first level, the children enter the depth of concepts such as a "browser" and "development environment" and get familiar with the web-specific terms of programming. Our main focus at this level is to get the kids familiar with the browser technologies HTML and CSS and gain real self-esteem that they know what and how to do. Upon completing this level, the small programmers have all the necessary knowledge and skills to make a website on any topic they are interested in. To achieve better results, all lessons in the level are project-oriented. In this way, applying directly the theory they learn in practice, children reinforce their theoretical knowledge and understanding and lay the foundations, which are necessity for their future development.


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The student will receive certificate for each completed level.

Bonus points

500 points

Each completed module is bringing you 100 points and the full level 500 points.



Some of the instruments and programming environments used by the students in this level.

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One level = 4 Modules


One module = 4 class


One class = 120 minutes



Module 1 - Let's Create our First Website!

In the first lesson of this module, children get acquainted with the concepts of "computer program", "programming", "development environment" and "browser" that are a basis for all future learning. The next three topics introduce the basic structure of HTML and children learn the terms "tag" and "attribute". During the last topic of the module, the young developers have to create a web page that includes all the components studied in the module.


  1. Introduction to the World of Programming
  2. Anatomy Lesson: Where is the Brain of HTML?
  3. Every Website Must Have... Images
  4. HTML is Like Making a Sandwich!


Module 2 - Being an Artist...

During the first two topics of the module, the introduction of the main tags and attributes in HTML continues, and the children create the base struture of the website, on which they will work till the end of the level. The second half of the module introduces CSS as well as basic knowledge of colors, fonts and images, that are widely used also in spheres other than web programming.


  1. Every Website Must Have... Links
  2. How do the Programmers do it?
  3. A Brief History of Teamwork
  4. Every Website Must Have... Buttons


Module 3 - We Are Web Designers!

The first topic of the module continues the introduction of the main tags in HTML, as the children continue developing and upgrading the project from the previous module. In this way, we have the opportunity to go deeper into CSS styling, as well as to demonstrate the good practices in creating a project that requires the organization of more than one folder or file.


  1. Back to Basics
  2. Computers Can Talk!
  3. Lesson of Biology: How to Dissect HTML?
  4. Let's Create a Cover!


Module 4 - Coloring as Masters

During this module, the children complete the project we are working on since the beginning. At this advanced stage of the level, we have the ability to show more difficult concepts such as "document segmentation", "pseudo-selectors" and metadata. At the end of the module, the project we are working on is completed, and the children are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned by changing and styling it as they wish.


  1. Can We Trick CSS?
  2. CSS is Just a Constructor!
  3. To Become Animation Directors
  4. We Have Learned so Much!