Roblox coding for begginers

In this level kids will learn how to create their own games with the help of Roblox studio - they will learn how to create their own 3D elements and control them in 3D space. With the help of 3D design and the programming language Lua, kids will learn some of the basic concepts in programming - looping constructs, conditional constructs, creating functions and calling them with events. By the end of this level, kids will be able to create their own games to share and play with with their friends. The program is suitable for both advanced learners and kids who have covered our mandatory courses.


Certificates Mindhub

The student will receive certificate for each completed level.

Bonus points

500 points

Each completed module is bringing you 100 points and the full level 500 points.


wonder scratch-logo hopscotch microbit

Some of the instruments and programming environments used by the students in this level.


One level = 0 Modules


One module = 4 class


One class = 120 minutes


No modules added into the specified level.