Segmented curriculum 12 - 13 years

Our program for children between 12 and 13 has the primary work of developing their analytical and logical thinking, and forming problem solving skills. Basic programming concepts are studied sequentially by applying a variety of approaches and adhering to progressiveness in levels of complexity. At the same time, as they develop a game, a mobile application and their own website, children go through a number of specific projects and learn through practice. The variety of technologies we use and the pursuit of completeness and completion of projects develops both the flexibility of thinking as well as concentration, focus and attention to detail. Working in small teams creates a social environment, in which decisions are found through active communication, and everyone is able to show their strengths and to develop their presentation and leadership skills.

Segmented curriculum 12 - 13 years

Part of the levels in this Segmented Curriculum are powered by Telerik AcademySchool.

Each level has a length of 4 modules (16 weeks)!

years old
Level 1

Everyone can Become a Developer

Suitable for students, passed all base levels